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Welcome to The Table Diaries! Grab a seat and get to know us!

That’s us in the picture, Diana and Dalya, a programmer and a designer. We knew it couldn’t be a coincidence that every time we got together we were either analyzing some new recipe, eating, or planning our next food coma. At the core of that was something far deeper we just didn’t know it yet. During the COVID lockdown, over a passionate conversation about food and photography with co-creator, Diana Saleh, The Table Diaries was born. Creating this platform has reignited our passion for cooking and love for sharing with everyone around us.

We have always felt that every recipe we make has a story. It could be anything, the first time we had a specific ingredient, the first meal we shared with someone new, the blunders of making a recipe for the first time. All of these are the memories we keep. Have you ever noticed that those food experiences are always so vivid? You can almost taste, smell, and be in them. Our connection with food is so strong, it can be such a pleasurable experience. That is what we are hoping to inspire in you. To make recipes that will create your own stories, your own experiences for you or your family. These are our diaries, our favorite recipes, our experiences with food. What will be yours? Share them with us. 

Thank you for reading our diary!

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